Monday, January 29, 2018

Week 1: Responses

I responded to the blogs of Wendee, Rodriguez, and Particelli.

Week 1

I chose my theme fairly quickly because it caught my eye instantly. My favorite color is brown and I like the look of the old watermarked map in the background. The color scheme of light lettering on a dark background is easy to read in pretty much any light setting. I did make some adjustments to the layout of this theme. I centered my blog title and made the overall width of the blog slightly more narrow than it was.  The font that I chose is aesthetically pleasing and it complements the background because it has a vintage style.

I normally don't visit personal blogs, but this assignment prompted me to pay close attention to the detail of other's blogs. In my opinion, less is more. It is easy to navigate through a blog that doesn't have a cluttered layout. I like simplicity and I wanted that to show in my blog.

My posts will be easy to access for viewers because they are centered. I'm assuming we will not have photos to post so I picked a blog theme that goes well with text.