Saturday, May 12, 2018

Week 14

These are the promotions that I decided to create for my website. I included the "Shop Now" call to action buttons. My intent would be to drive traffic to my website and hopefully get some sales. These promotions are for Instagram and Facebook. I picked an up-close and bright image, to draw attention from people as they scroll along.

I manually selected my audience for the post boost. I chose United States, United Kingdom, and Canada for locations because they are where I get the most views in my Etsy shop. I picked ages 18 to 65+ because I often get a wide range of people visiting my page. My target audience is much more narrow, but I feel as though ads should cover a larger range of people in the case of reaching someone who may not have been previously considered to be a potential customer, and a chance to possibly expand the target audience.

I chose the interests shown in the screenshot below because people who are interested in those things are often the ones visiting my page. I see that my items have caught the attention of many "hipsters" and "millennials."
I plan to run some of these ads, but I want to make sure that I have plenty of stock when I start advertisement. I look forward to boosting my posts and hopefully getting some customers!

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  1. Hey Lemar, I had a look at your Instagram and your photos look great! I think that your product and photos speak for themselves and that with a consistent approach to marketing, you will find success! I think consistency is the key, and that's certainly something I struggle with. Best of luck and keep up the nice designs and photos!